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Showing Bats Some Love for Valentine’s Day

Okay, so it’s probably becoming obvious that I love bats.  In recent posts I’ve talked about white-nose syndrome (WNS), a deadly fungal infection that’s devastating American bat populations.  I just donated to, ordering a super-cool WNS awareness ribbon with bat wings (left).  I urge you to find ways to help bats in your own community. Read more

Followup: White-nose Syndrome Continues to Kill Bats in National Parks

Less than one month ago, I posted a story about white-nose syndrome killing bats in Mammoth Cave National Park. Today, more bad news came from another national park site, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, where white-nose has just been documented for the first time.

I contacted Katie Gillies, the imperiled species coordinator at Bat Conservation International, to ask what can be done to combat the spread of white-nose.

"There is an extensive amount of research being conducted on several fronts right now," she told me. "A few years ago, the fungus didn’t even have a name, and today the full genome has been mapped, sensitive molecular tools to detect it have been developed, and we understand the histology of the fungal invasion and believe we understand the proximate and ultimate causes of death."

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White-nose Syndrome Hits the Bats of Mammoth Cave National Park

Sad news today from Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park, where Superintendent Sarah Craighead confirmed the death of a northern long-eared bat from white-nose syndrome, a deadly infection that affects bats that hibernate in colonies.  It is named for the frosty white fungal growths that appear on the muzzles of sick bats.

Bat with White-nose Syndrome

Bat with white-nose syndrome. USFWS.

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