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Your Winter Trip to Yellowstone

Why would anyone come to Yellowstone National Park in the winter?  It’s cold!  (Lowest temperature so far this season at Old Faithful: -36°F.  Lowest temperature ever recorded in the park: -66°F.)  The days are short!  (Sunrise today was at 7:59 am, with sunset at 4:51 pm.)  It’s logistically challenging!  (The only ways of getting around involve traveling “over snow,” which at different times may mean riding a snowmobile, sitting in the comparatively cozy microenvironment of an enclosed snowcoach, or going self-propelled on snowshoes or cross-country skis. You cannot drive your vehicle into any part of the park except from the North Entrance across to Cooke City.) Read more

Gearing Up: Frame Packs

I started backpacking when I was in my late teens.  Not having much money, I borrowed gear from other people for my trips.  In the process I learned about what worked well—and what really didn’t.  One piece at a time, over a period of years, I built up a versatile collection of outdoors gear.  I’ve kept some things for years, and swapped out or upgraded other items.  At this point, I feel prepared for just about any trip I would want to do.  And the foundation of it all is the pack.

Whether you’re headed out for a quick weekend trip or the through-hike of a lifetime, you’re going to be carrying everything you need on your back, so your backpack needs to be both comfortable and functional.  One of the questions I hear most often regarding function is, how big is big enough? Read more

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