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My Favorite Puddle

If you wanted to know what kind of person I am—what I like to do, what sorts of things I value—I would tell you this: I am the sort of person who has a favorite puddle.  My puddle isn’t truly a puddle, I suppose, in that it is not self-contained, with no inflow or outflow.  Despite this, I still think of it as a puddle.  It is shallow, and lies along a Yellowstone roadside, and is fed by runoff from springs, hot and cold, in a nearby meadow.

I don’t want to say precisely where my puddle is, as my puddle is special: it is home, each spring, to hundreds of tadpoles.  Most of them are young boreal toads.  A few are spotted frogs.  I can tell the difference by color: the boreal toad tadpoles (I think of them as toadpoles) are nearly black, while the spotted frogs-to-be are a lighter brown, flecked with gold. Read more

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