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At Last! A Trail Name!

The past few days have brought some significant milestones in these early days of my AT thruhike. I’ve crossed my first state line; taken in expansive views from high points like Blood Mountain, Standing Indian Mountain, and Mt. Albert; and passed the 100 mile point from the trail terminus at Springer Mountain. I’ve hiked on beautiful spring days and hunkered down in a trailside shelter to avoid a major rainstorm.

Now that we’ve been on the trail for over a week, my fellow thruhikers are starting to feel comfortable introducing themselves by their trail names in place of their real-world monikers. I’ve chatted in recent days with Zen, Down Dog, Mama Bear, Cornflake, Osprey, Yellow Beard, and Viva. Read more

Hike of the Week: Garnet Hill Loop, Yellowstone National Park

The Garnet Hill loop can be hot and dusty in the summer months, when most visitors come to Yellowstone. But if you’re visiting the park in the spring or fall, the Garnet Hill Loop becomes a real winner. When I hiked the Garnet Hill Trail on Saturday, I was fortunate to enjoy a great day of wildlife watching, observing animal tracks, and appreciating the natural quiet of Yellowstone in late autumn.

Read more

Gearing Up: Frame Packs

I started backpacking when I was in my late teens.  Not having much money, I borrowed gear from other people for my trips.  In the process I learned about what worked well—and what really didn’t.  One piece at a time, over a period of years, I built up a versatile collection of outdoors gear.  I’ve kept some things for years, and swapped out or upgraded other items.  At this point, I feel prepared for just about any trip I would want to do.  And the foundation of it all is the pack.

Whether you’re headed out for a quick weekend trip or the through-hike of a lifetime, you’re going to be carrying everything you need on your back, so your backpack needs to be both comfortable and functional.  One of the questions I hear most often regarding function is, how big is big enough? Read more

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