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Giving Thanks for the Wild Lands that Sustain Us

On this national day of reflection and gratitude, what do people sitting around a Thanksgiving feast usually give thanks for?  Family, friends, the gifts of good fortune or the rewards of hard work.  Bounty and abundance of food or material possessions.  Those going through hard times will express gratitude for the lessons they’ve learned in endurance or the emotional closeness they’ve achieved with loved ones.

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White-nose Syndrome Hits the Bats of Mammoth Cave National Park

Sad news today from Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park, where Superintendent Sarah Craighead confirmed the death of a northern long-eared bat from white-nose syndrome, a deadly infection that affects bats that hibernate in colonies.  It is named for the frosty white fungal growths that appear on the muzzles of sick bats.

Bat with White-nose Syndrome

Bat with white-nose syndrome. USFWS.

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