Interior Design Definition

You will need training to become an interior designer. They are tasked with creating cohesive and pleasing designs for homes and businesses; this requires studying architecture and space planning, along with formal schooling.

The 3 principles of interior design

When you’re starting up with your home decorating project, here are some basic design principles to try and remember:

When coming up with an interior design plan from the start, you’ll tie all of your space together nicely and keep everything on point.

There are a huge amount of options when it comes to home decor styles. The look that suits you the best could come with it’s own colour scheme and design features. For example,

Explore the different design ideas and styles to get a feel for what you’re into and what you like.

A focal point should be in every room, beautiful or interesting. Focal points attract audiences attention and help them focus on something specific. Having a lot of different focal points can make a space feel crowded though so take care when choosing what is right for you.

To create balance in your home, you’ll need to consider size, texture and placement of furniture. If a room has a lot of small items, it might feel cluttered. Consider adjusting the size or position of some items to create a sense of symmetry and spaciousness.

To create a contrast, you’re able to establish rooms that feel both balanced and complete.