Dressing Your Windows With Blinds

Curtains are a great way of defining a room’s style and the budget to invest. That said, blinds are just as versatile and come with some handy benefits. They can give you the option of maximum light, views or privacy on demand – making them an essential for many households. As well as providing interior design consultation, we also have experts who can supply and fit made to measure blinds in Essex and in surrounding areas.

However, there are plenty of curtains on the market that offer style and a versatile look while also giving you economic benefits. Curtains use less fabric- and thus cost less-than curtains, saving you space.

There are two main types of blinds – roman and roller. Although they look very different, interior designers say that it’s always best to make sure you get whichever suits your home best.

Roman window blinds

Roman blinds are a great option for homes that want to bring a classic, elegant style. They’re also ideal for controlling the light levels in the room and maintaining privacy.

They can be thin as well as see-through, depending on the chosen fabric. We advise you to keep in mind that you will see the horizontal bars through the thin fabric if this is your chosen option!

A good curtain maker will always line up the rods through natural partitions so that the rod is as invisible as possible.

You might match a black out curtain with a sheer roman blind, or you might layer two roman blinds on top of each other to create the desired effect.

We don’t just stick with one supplier for our window coverings. Sometimes, the interior designer will work with the client to determine what’s best for each individual room. Consider things like the size and shape of the window, as well as how it’ll be used and what type of curtain would look best in that room.

It’s important to consider the differences that could arise from shopping for a dress. We recommend having a professional opinion before making your final purchase decision.

Roller window blinds

Roller Blinds are sought after for many reasons, they’re affordable, accessible and have plenty of customisation options. Of course we need to mention that there are a few drawbacks:

Unlike when using a fabric for curtains or roman blinds, one should always ensure the fabric is made from specially-built blinds so as to avoid anything that might look cheap like plastic. This particular type of fabric can be hard to come by, but checking out existing samples beforehand can help.

Most brands still offer plenty of options for pattern, texture, and colour. But there’s nothing like the beauty of embroidered or applique fabrics which you can easily use in drapery or as window coverings.

Installing a roman blind

There are two types of blinds you can choose from. You can put them inside the window frame (as in this picture), or outside the frame, said to provide more light due to there being less distance between the window and its blind (perfect for bedrooms).

The downside is that it will permanently block the top of the window and not let in as much natural light. It’s still possible to use one of these blinds if you are going for a different style, but it might be easier on your eyes if you fix it outside the frame instead.

You’re going to get some light through no matter which option you pick, but both provide a high level of privacy.

Best of both worlds

Roller blinds alone may not suit a classic style interior, but they can make a great addition alongside Roman black-out blinds. It can create a seamless transition between traditional and modern styles.

The washable silk offers a cleaner look than the traditional Roman sheers, making it ideal for those who are on a tight budget or prefer a more modern style.

Discreet roller blinds

We mentioned in the last post that you could make your curtains more discreet by using a recessed curtain track. However, if that doesn’t suit your needs, you can always have the fixture hidden inside a box at the top of the ceiling. Designers often work with blinds. This is the case for many reasons, one of these would be that it can help make your finished look more tidy.

Roller blinds that are waterproof

When it comes to refurbishing an old place, you might end up with a shower with a window. When privacy is a concern, obscured tempered glass would allow for more protection but there are other options like water-resistant roller blinds that also provide you with some level of privacy.

Windows need to be protected from wind and water damage, which is why it’s worth considering using blackout curtains. Any fabric options are more for practicality than decoration, but these curtains will keep your windows looking great.