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That’s No Spider!

Eeek!  Giant spiders have taken over the roof of the Seattle Center Armory, terrorizing visitors to the Space Needle!

… Or maybe not.  A Mental Floss blog post yesterday includes this photo of the trompe l’oeil painting created by artist Marlin Peterson:

seemingly three-dimensional giant daddylonglegs on the roof of a Seattle building

Artist Marlin Peterson’s painted giant daddylonglegs look like they’re going to walk right off the roof of the Seattle Center Armory. (from Marlin Peterson)

The painting is beautiful and well-executed and slightly creepy and awesome.  But the blog got one important point wrong: the giant painted critters aren’t spiders at all.  They’re daddylonglegs, also known as harvestmen.  Read more

Tomorrow is National Public Lands Day

Saturday, Sept. 29 marks the 19th annual National Public Lands Day, a celebration of America’s natural and cultural heritage.  It’s a great opportunity to get outside—either as a volunteer at one of over 2,000 participating sites nationwide, or as a visitor to one of the many areas that is observing a fee-free day.

As part of last year’s National Public Lands Day, legions of volunteers around the nation combined forces to plant a whopping 100,000 trees and plants and build an impressive 1,500 miles of trail.  That’s quite a tally for a single day’s worth of work, and it’s a great reminder of how much we can do for our parks and other public lands when we decide to take responsibility for them. Read more

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