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Let’s Get Wolverines on the Endangered Species List

The wolverine is one of the most astonishing and most misunderstood creatures on earth.  Its scientific name of Gulo gulo, or “glutton glutton,” is hardly complimentary, and offers insight into what wolverine biologist Kerry Murphy described as “a serious PR problem” back in late June 2008.

Murphy was teaching a Yellowstone Association Institute field course, Yellowstone’s Pack of Predator Concerns.  Though it’s been almost five years since I attended the four-day class, I still remember the key points Murphy hammered home: wolverines are rare, they’re in trouble, and they get remarkably little sympathy.

wolverine in snow - USFS image

Built like low-slung bears with long tails, wolverines are at home in snowy environments. USFS photo.

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Superstorm Sandy and National Parks

It’s been just over seven weeks now since Hurricane Sandy battered New Jersey and New York, and national park sites in the region are still recovering.  Some have re-opened, but others—including iconic destinations like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island—suffered such heavy damage that they will remain closed well into 2013. Read more

Climate Change: The Most Important Issue of Our Time, Summed Up in Cartoon Form

I always enjoy Bird and Moon‘s creative take on nature, but today’s new work by cartoonist Rosemary Mosco (a fellow alumna of the Field Naturalist program) is one I had to share:

Some Quotes About Climate Change -


There’s no way to put this gently: climate change is the most important issue of our time.  It is the most important moral issue.  The most important economic issue.  The most important ecological issue.

I’m glad to see climate change finally getting the attention it deserves in the media.  Now let’s seriously rethink our lifestyles and act already, shall we?

Flowers in the Snow

Snow this morning!  It was warm enough that the roads were merely wet, but the dusting of snow I woke up to at 6 AM was, two hours later, a half-inch covering on the cars and the colder spots on the ground.  By late morning, the last traces of snow had melted.  The day remained chilly and gray, though, well into the late afternoon.  It was quite a contrast with the previous few days of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. Read more

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