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The First Snowy Day

Blowing snow obscures the steep formations of Badlands

The Badlands just disappeared.  From where I sit next to my kitchen window, I can usually lean slightly to my right and have a nice view of the formations to the north.  They have been fading for some time now, first veiled by fog, then whitened by falling snow.  The big flakes, carried nearly horizontally by the prairie winds, are now falling thickly enough that the buttes and spires a quarter of a mile away have vanished.

This is the first real snow of the season.  We had a bit of snow about two weeks ago, but it was very wet, and didn’t amount to more than a quarter of an inch.  On the Badlands landscape, it was a mere frosting highlighting the knife-edge ridges of the formations.  Today’s snow, which started just an hour and a half ago, has already left drifts two inches deep behind my back door.  The wind, sustaining 30 mph and gusting to around 40 mph, is enough to drive snow through the window screens.  It forms little clumps against the glass of the windowpane.

It’s a perfect day to spend inside.  I made waffles this morning, and now I have two loaves of bread rising.  I just completed a drawing of a cardinal in chalk pastel, my first attempt at introducing color to a bird drawing.  (It’s a straight copy of a work by the amazing John Muir Laws.  I just wanted to try to get a feel for how pastels behave.)  I finished reading a book, Shadow Tag by Louise Erdrich.  I’ve done at least a little bit of the cleaning I intended to do.

It may be a perfect day to spend inside, but I think it’s time to go out for a walk.

badlands formations during the first snowstorm of the year

Snow whites out the sky behind the badlands formations.

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  1. Thank you! I so enjoy reading your blog. Sometimes when I have ripe bananas I add them to my waffle mix or I put cinnamon, nutmeg and (I forget the other spice, I’ll look it up in my cookbooks when I find them) and make spied waffles. Yummmmmm

    November 10, 2012

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